Strip Sessions

This book shall encourage its reader to deal more closely with the thrilling and far-reaching theme of nude photography. The selection is one the one hand subjective but one the other hand representative as it gives an outlook over present nude photo art.
In nude photography not only the model undresses, also the photographer gives an insight into his thoughts and feelings. Maybe exactly this is the certain thrill, the person behind and the person in front of the camera expose their selves – and at best both reveal a part of their soul. There is one rule for all photos on which people are shown and especially for the most intimate form of portrait-photography, namely nude-photography: Every single photo, says something about the person who took the photos. As a result of this various photo artists standing in front of the same model will make completely different photos.
The main thought to publish this collection of nude-photos, which have a high quality and convince by the photographer´s individual mark, was the anger to be faced daily with horrible photos – especially in the mass media. The result of the first search for tracks is to be found in this book, to give the spectator a taste of the diversity of possible expressions in this genre.

Fine art nude photography photo volume in Douton, hardback with CSU 24 x 30 cm, 164 pages – 211 photos, ISBN 3-933572-77-0

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